May/June plod progress - injury sucks!

Apologies for the radio silence my "avid" readers! ;) 

So this could be a very short post, but knowing me I'll ramble on for a little while! But I'll get to the point straight away and then you can switch off...

I haven't ran AT ALL during May and June! 

Despite me seriously reigning in my normal exercise regime i.e. no running, no parkour and limiting what I do at circuits, my ankle had somehow managed to get worse!

When I saw my podiatrist again I told him that either (a) my ankle was getting worse; or (b) I'm a hypochondriac! However a scan revealed that the inflammation had gotten worse, which would explain why it had started hurting when driving! I was then treated to some shock wave therapy - if you don't know what this is, it's the type of "therapy" which hurts when they're on the right spot!! The aim of this was to try and speed up the healing, but I'm afraid to say that it now hurts when I do a bit too much walking - so I even had to reign that in! 

The verdict was a 6 week running ban, but I was worried it could actually be longer than that as it seemed to just be getting worse! Good news was that he encouraged me to continue to do circuits as the hip/butt strengthening will help my running if/when I can actually run again! 

I'm trying to hang to something that Tally Rye said at Balance Festival (head over to my previous post if you haven't already), which is try to remember that injury occurs for a very short period and then you can get back to fitness. However, this feels like a very long time but then I never was very patient!  

I'm seeing him again at the beginning of July when I'll hopefully be given the ok to start introducing running again! I have noticed that the ankle is giving me less grief so fingers crossed! 

However, I do know from the recent steps/hill set we did at circuits is that my fitness has seriously dropped! I marched the reps rather run between each exercise and I was dead by the time I got to the top and my legs hurt more than they should the next day! 
It will be interesting to see how quickly it comes back after basically not running for something like 4 months!