2017 reviews - Part 1

My running goal last year was to run one event a month of any type or distance. Meaning I was a fairly busy girl last year and completed 14 running events (I refuse to call them races because I generally wasn’t racing anyone!)

I’m going to break my write up into a few parts so as to not post one epically long blog!

Somerley 10k – 2/1/17

My first run of the year was a very cold one! It was a beautiful, sunny morning in the grounds of a beautiful private estate. We had quite a long wait beforehand as we got there early as didn’t know how long registration would take (it took two minutes!), so I think my warm up was a cup of tea - just like before Dirty Devil Stampede (which you can read about here)!  
There were three of us from circuits there although we all ran at our own pace, which meant I ran on my own. Possibly because I didn’t find anyone to chat to, I started the year with a 10k pb (think previously it was about 1:06!) My only issue with this run is that it was two laps, and if you've read my Dirty Devil Stampede review, you will know that I'm not keen on lapped runs. However it was in a beautiful setting so I wasn't too hard done by!

Official time = 1:02:29 (new pb)

GlowRun (5k) – 28/1/17

This was a 5k along the beach front at night so was something a bit different from your normal events. However it didn’t get off to a good start and because of queues at registration, think it started about an hour late! Again there were a few of us from circuits there; however I decided to run on my own and try for a time and ended up getting a new personal best.

However, I did regret running off and wished I had run with the others! So that did set the tone for the year – if I had friends there, I would run and chat with them!  
Official time = 28:24 (new pb)

Lytchett 10 – 12/2/17

This was my first 10 mile event and I didn’t even sign up for it! My boss signed up but then couldn’t do it and offered me a place which I graciously declined! However I went to a networking event and one of the speakers was talking about a book called “Feel the fear and do it anyway” (must give it a read sometime) – so the next day I told my boss I would take his place!

Coming into the finish line not yet knowing
its for a mini cool bag!
The course was fairly hilly which is why I had been so reluctant to do it, but I actually impressed myself even if I did walk up a couple of the hills (but so was everyone else around me so I didn't beat myself up about it). I was flagging at the end but a lovely lady refused to let me slow and talked me through the last kilometre! But I was very upset when I got to the finish to find out you didn’t get a medal - you got a bloody mini cooler bag instead!

Official time = 1:47:30

Bournemouth 10 – 26/2/17

My first 10 mile run was followed up very quickly by another! I felt more confident going into this one as this was much flatter than the last!

My two bosses were both running this as well, although they are both faster than me - one did 3 miles before the start and still overtook me at about 6 miles (in my defence at that point I was chatting to someone!)   

The weather turned towards the end and so it was difficult running along the seafront with the wind and rain into your face! However this time you got a really good goodie bag at the end which included a medal(!) and some Lush products!
Official time = 1:45:44 pb

Hampshire Maverick – 4/3/17

There was a bunch of us from circuits (including a pooch!) that arranged to do this together. We knew this would be a wet and muddy run - but for the longest distance it turned out part of this including going through a river!

We did the shortest route (7.5km) which wasn't quite that extreme, but it did get off to a very muddy start and I'm still not sure how I didn't face plant the ground! There was no way you were going to finish this run with dry feet (even if you had lard on your shoes - but that's a story for another time!), so we decided you're never too old for a bit of puddle jumping! 

It was all fun and games until we came across a rather step hill near the end which even made me be quiet for a few minutes (and at this point I really wish I had the dog pulling me up the hill!)! But from there it was just a quick burst to the end where you received a medal, a Jimmy's iced coffee and a beer! What more could you ask for on a sunny March morning?! Of course being the athletes that we are, we then all went for a pub lunch! 

I would highly recommend the Maverick runs as they are extremely well organised! They're so friendly, they even gave the pooch her own special medal! I think some of us will be back this March for another splash in the mud!


Official time = 51:57

If anyone has any recommendations for some nice running events, please feel free to pop a comment below!