About me

If you’re here you’re probably wondering who I am and what this is about. So let me introduce myself…

My name's Alison and whilst I run, I don't class myself as a "runner"! I’m more of a plodder! 

I started “running” about 2 and a half years ago after stupidly signing up for Tough Mudder but having not really exercised since PE at school! Let’s just say I didn’t train nearly enough and totally died on the hills! Since then I run a lot more and did two Tough Mudder's last year and they were a lot more enjoyable as I now have the distance and the hills in my legs (and my mind!)

However whilst I may do more running, my style of running is taking in the scenery and chatting to someone! 

Having said that, my goal this year is to improve my 5k pb and so I’ve started this blog to make me accountable basically! 

Along the way, I hope to inspire/motivate others who are like me and don't class them selves as runners, gym bunnies (do people even say that?!) or whatever, but still get out there and exercise! I'll be chatting all things running, race reviews and anything else which pops into my head!