March plod progress

I feel like a fraud! 

So during March according to my Strava I ran 17.3km during the whole of March! This is only one specific run (Hampshire Maverick), one running/hill based circuits and the rest is the little bits at the more traditional based circuits (so just the odd sprint!).

I know it's sensible at the moment to not run until I know what is going on with my ankle (appointment booked for 7 April), but I feel like I can't write running based blogs if I'm not actually running! Hence the lack of blogs this month!

So the reality is I don't really have a plod progress update other than I can't run at the moment!

However, I don't want to be totally negative in this post so instead of running, I want to mention my press up progress. With running you can measure your progress in terms of distance or speed, however with other exercises it's easy to overlook progress.

At a recent circuits session I just happened to be watching a new person doing press ups - she was working her hardest doing modified press ups (and this is in no way meant as a criticism to her). But it was then that I realised that I can do a fair few (by my standards) full press ups and get relatively deep on each rep (again by my own standards). And I realised that I don't know when this happened as I used to struggle in modified and I should be proud of my progression! 

That isn't to say I don't drop to modified if I know there are going to be a lot of reps and I would rather get the depth throughout, or just where I get tired towards the end! 

So until I can get back to running, I want to focus on congratulating myself on the progress I've made over the last few years which I haven't been paying attention to! Maybe I'll test myself and see how many press ups I can do in one go before my form drops and work on increasing that!  

However, fingers crossed my April update will report that more running has taken place!