Hampshire Maverick

After last years muddy fun, I was really looking forward to getting back to the Hampshire Maverick race with two of the guys from circuits. 

It was always going to be a social chatty run, as that’s our favourite type of running. However none of us were feeling at our best due to various niggles, illness and a lack of sleep, so I think we were all pleased that we opted for the short route!

We got there nice and early which gave us plenty of time for our pre-race ritual - cup of tea and at least two pees! Registration was quick, painless and very well organised (as seems to be the standard with Maverick races). 

As we lined up listening to the race information I realised it was a different route to last year (maybe if I’d looked at the race info I would have realised that sooner!) We also twigged that we were quite near the front of the crowd so went the gun sounded (maybe it was just a hooter) we stepped aside to let all the quick people past so we didn’t have to worry about getting in the way! When most of the runners had gone past, we set off. 

I have to admit I was disappointed to be running on road but thought we’d get into the mud soon enough. But it wasn’t until nearly at the 3k point that we turned off the road and on to a gravel path. It also happened to be up a hill! It was a group decision to walk up the hill (needed by all!) as a bit of a break before we set off at a steady plod again. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t until the last half a kilometre that we got to the puddles - and yes I did make the most of it by puddle jumping in most of them! It was then another hill (again we walked) before a downhill to the finish. 

I thought the course was about 8k (it was last year), race info said 6k but it ended up being just over 5k - in all honesty, there were no complaints from me on this occasion for it being shorter than I thought!

Medals, beer and jimmys ice coffee collected before it was time for a photo (not nearly muddy enough!) and another cuppa! (Are you sensing a theme?!) 

Despite me moaning about the lack of mud, my puddle jumping and the rain (it had been drizzling for most of the run) meant I was rather soggy. So it was then the very undignified task of trying to get changed in a car without flashing the world my knickers! (Fortunately there wasn't too many people around at this point!)

Another well organised run by Maverick races but I have to admit I didn’t enjoy the course all that much - maybe more than 3 hours sleep would have made it more enjoyable! Over on instagram I did query with Maverick why the course change and lack of mud, which was apparently due to the Forestry Commission licence. It’s definitely a shame that it wasn’t the same course as last year and lacked the mud, but I cannot fault the organisation. 

Will definitely plan to try out some of the other Maverick runs this year but, unfortunately, not sure I’ll be back to this one.