February Plod Progress

Well this has been a month of two halves!

On 2 Feb I decided to make the most of finishing slightly earlier on Fridays and the evenings getting lighter and went for a run down the beach after work. This was my first "fast" run since setting my marker time at ParkRun during January. As I wouldn't be running with the pooch, I knew this was an opportunity to "try" and therefore felt seriously nervous beforehand! 

Well, not only did I beat the ParkRun time by nearly a minute and half, I was only about 30 seconds off my overall 5km pb with a time of 27:44! Massively impressed with that as I thought I was miles away from my pb but turns out I'm not! (Previous pbs in my previous blog The 5k time challenge.)

I've generally been running more than I was at the end of 2017, which the furry one has been loving! Even though I don't pay too much attention to my pace when I take the dog (due to the sniff stops - read more about running with my furry friend here), my runs were getting longer but my pace was coming down each time! 

I also did my longest run in a while of about 7 miles which I hadn't done since maybe November! The run itself was fine and quite happily plodded along, however I maybe should have turned around after 30 seconds... 

I had a niggle in my ankle which had been getting worse after each run/exercise. As soon as I set off I could tell it wasn't right but because I'd promised myself I was going for a longer run, I did it anyway. It wasn't agony just twinged every time my foot landed and could ignore it whilst I was running but I could tell it was getting worse and hurting for longer afterwards. 

On top of this, the previous week I'd wimped out on a jump at parkour and tweaked my hamstring/glute! So annoying, as I'm sure if I did the jump properly I would have been fine! Note to self: do not be a wimp! 

This led me to make the decision to take a week off - something I've not in a while and something I really struggle with as I really enjoy my current exercise routine! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this - but I had to keep reminding myself that I would not lose all my progress and it was a sensible decision! 

I really wanted to get another run in before the end of the month. So despite the "snow" I popped my trainers on, grabbed the dog and went out for a little plod. Quite soon into this I could tell my ankle was better but not perfect. So now need to decide a plan of action moving forward - do I rest it more, get it looked at or just ignore it and hope it goes away?! Apart from the ankle, the run was lovely - freezing cold which is my favourite (although I did forget my gloves as the dog was harrassing me to get out the door!)

I had intended to aim for 50 miles in total during March but thinking that is now probably unlikely. So maybe I'll change my aim to ParkRun tourism as there's a couple of different courses by me which I haven't tried out, but will probably just plod it.