Running in winter is best!

Maybe I’m weird (well I know I am for many other reasons!) but I love running when it’s cold and dark! 

Now I'm not saying that when it's chucking it down, freezing cold with a force 9 wind blowing, it's always easy to drag myself out running! But this should not be an excuse to hibernate all winter and only dust off your running shoes in Spring when you realise that Summer and bikinis are just around the corner! 

Here’s my top three reasons to get out in the cold... 

1. It’s cold! 

Stating the obvious there, well done Alison! But let me continue… I hate it when I get too hot, as my head starts thumping and then I know I'm in for a headache, so it's better for me when it's cooler and assume I'm not alone in this. You can always put more layers on but there’s only so many you can take off! (FYI I’m never going to be one of those women who runs in just a sports bra (if you've got the confidence to do it, bloody do it though!)!) And let's be honest, who else has wrapped up in a million layers, only to be sweating 5 minutes in to their run and gradually losing the hat, gloves, jacket etc! 

2. No one can see you! 

You know when you’re red and sweaty and just generally disgusting looking. Yeah? Well no one can tell when it's dark! So you're less likely to feel self conscious about how you look. Plus there are less people around to see you in the first place! Although having said that, I generally don't give a toss what I look like and will turn up to events with no makeup on and possibly having not brushed my hair! But that's not to say I don't get self conscious when I'm as red as a beetroot (yes I am one of those people who goes BRIGHT red!) so hiding in the shadows is good for combating this! 

3. It’s get you out! 

I have an office job, so sit on my butt inside all day, everyday. When it’s wet, cold and miserable it’s so easy to get home and snuggle in front of the tv for the evening and not move. Meaning that in Winter it's easy to turn into a hermit and literally the only time outside will be the 10 second walk to and from the car park! So even it’s for 30 minutes, running gets me outside for some fresh air!

So put your trainers on and get yourself outside whatever the weather! 

But before you go, I'd love if you dropped me a comment letting me know your favourite weather to work out in?!