My furry running buddy

If you’re like me and don’t class yourself as a “proper runner” then I suggest you find yourself a running buddy of the furry variety! My furry friend is my Jack Russell, Reggie.  

He loves nothing more than coming for a run with me and I enjoy the company. Taking him with me makes me feel like I don’t look like I’m "out for a run" but instead just taking my dog out. By that I mean I don't feel self conscious as it doesn't matter if you're concerned people will think you're slow or need to stop and take a break, as it's about exercising your dog rather than breaking any records! 

If you've read Lacing up is the hardest part, you'll know that he has psychic abilities and is able to tell when I'm considering going for a run! Well the above photo is the look I have to contend with - who could say no to that face! 

Of course, when I take him I can't really pay much attention to my pace as it can be very stop/start. Inevitably as soon as I pick up a good pace and get into a rhythm, he then decides he needs to stop for a sniff! 

However, I think this is a good way for me to not get focussed on my watch as I just ignore it when I'm out with Reggie and just enjoy my run. Yes this does potentially go against my aim for this year (see The 5k time challenge if you don't know what I'm talking about), but I do believe that the best starting point to running faster is running. Full stop - just get out there and run.

Is it sometimes annoying when you suddenly get yanked backwards when the furry one has stopped for a sniff/wee/poo? Yes

Can the breaks be nice when he stops for a sniff? Yes! (You’re not resting, you’re being a nice dog owner!) 

Is it cringe worthy when you have to run with a bag of poo swinging from your hand? Yes -sorry if TMI but I'm a responsible dog owner and that's the reality of it!  

All that aside, I love taking the pooch out with me. Running can be a lonely sport, so it's also good to have the company if you don't have a running buddy of the non-furry kind. I know I can always rely on Reggie to want to go out for a run!

Note: I will be doing a future blog on the definition of a “proper runner”! 


  1. I would LOVE to have a furry running buddy! I might have to see if I can borrow a friend's dog one of these days...


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