Lacing up is the hardest part

Anyone who says they’re raring to go for every workout is a big, fat liar!

I hadn’t done any running at all over Christmas and New Year, and not much towards the end of 2017 (well nothing for pretty much the whole of December!). I started to get that anxious feeling that I had lost all my running fitness and that any run would be hard.
So on 9 January, I half decided at work that when I got home that evening I would put on my trainers and go for a run, no matter how short - I would have been perfectly content with 2 or 3 kilometers. I just needed to get out there!

Of course, I got home and was still faffing with the idea, so I sat on my bed staring at my wardrobe trying to gather the motivation to get changed! Well at that point my motivation walked through the door and sat down next to me!

It was my dog who somehow knew what I was thinking and decided to cheer me on (in other words start whining at me!) I have no idea how he knew that I was thinking of going for a run, particularly as I hadn’t taken him for a while having not actually been myself! (I have come to the conclusion that he must be psychic!) Look out for a future post for more about my furry running buddy!

So that was that! It was decided!

And do you know what? That decision making process was the hardest part of it all! There wasn’t one part of the run that I hated or wanted to stop – I actually really enjoyed it! Yes I went pretty slowly, but I got home after 5k feeling invigorated and with a very happy dog! Nothing like those post workout happy endorphins! 

Since then, I've definitely got my running bug back, much to my pooches delight (who now looks at me expectantly whenever I have my workout clothes on!) It was just that first step that needed to happen to get me back in the swing of things. 

If you haven’t got your own cheerleader (furry or otherwise) encouraging you to get out there, here’s my simple guide to stop faffing and run:
1.    Put trainers on
2.    Lace up
3.    Go!

Today I need to live by my own words as I'm planning to try a "fast" run later. Which fills me with dread and anxiety if I'm honest! But I will do it and try my best!    

It will be whatever it will be, but thinking about it won’t get it done!