2017 reviews - Part 3

Continuing on from my previous race reviews, we're now up to part 3 of my write ups!

Tarrant Valley 10k – 16/7/17

I entered and ran this with my cousin, who was suffering from a groin injury so had decided to take it steady (normally she's quicker than me!)

The race started and finished in a tiny little village and made its way around the surrounding fields and forest and the beautiful scenery.

Now if I'm being totally honest, other than the beautiful scenery and suffering from a stitch(!) I don't really remember much about this run! I do however recall that you didn't even get so much as a mini cool bag! A cup of water and a jelly baby was all that was waiting to greet us at the finish!

Official time = 1:06:29

Two Tunnels 10k – 20/8/17

As the name above may suggest - it went through two tunnels which, as it was an out and back route, meant that for over 4km you were underground!

This was definitely a run of two halves! The first half, I was chatting to my friend and think I was singing "Eye of the Tiger" at one point! Despite the singing, we could tell that we were running quite fast by our standards. Well until he pulled up with injury not far from the 5k turnaround point!

I stopped and would have happily walked the rest of the route with him, but he knew we'd been going fast and so demanded that I run on and get a pb! So this changed the run in my mind and I felt instantly felt under pressure! From that point on, I don't think I picked up my speed (I can't tell from my Strava as my watch got very confused being underground!) but it definitely felt harder! But I did get a new pb, by about 3 minutes so was very happy with that!

I can't talk about this run without mentioning the epic treats table at the end! As there are various distances being run at the same time, from 5km to 50km, they put on an amazing array of sweets, chocolate and popcorn for you to help yourself to! I presume this was mainly for the benefit of the longer distance runners but I did swipe a few bits on my way past (and I may or may not have snuck back around for a few more!)

Official time = 58:59 pb

Tough Mudder (London South) – 16/9/17

I didn't intend to do another Tough Mudder in 2017, but after a friend talked my other half into doing it I didn't want to miss out! You'll be pleased to hear, that this one had a lot more mud and so I was a happy girl! (I'm strange, I know!)

I hinted previously that my third attempt on the monkey bars was maybe not successful! Unbeknownst to me, my cousin was over the other side informing everyone that I was amazing at the monkey bars but I was going to prove her very wrong! I failed in such an epic manner that I hit my head on the side having not made it past the first rung! In my defence it was straight after a wet and muddy obstacle so with slippy hands I never stood a chance! 

To make up this failure, I was even more determined to complete Kong this time! Again I nearly wimped out but a friend talked me round and I successfully got across, even if it wasn't the most stylish! 


If anyone has any recommendations for some nice running events, please feel free to pop a comment below!