The 5k time challenge

The goal - beat my 5k pb 

I enjoy running slowly, chatting to friends or random fellow runners and taking in the scenery i.e. not running fast! So improving my times will be quite a challenge! 

I was given a running watch about 15 months ago which to start with was great - I was blitzing my times and improving every run! And then I stopped improving! I was running and constantly staring at my pace, which was never as quick as I’d have liked. And I started to hate running. Every run was hard but a failure in my mind. 

So I stopped trying to be "fast" and went back to plodding. I started to enjoy running again - brilliant! Except I’m still slow af!

With that in mind, my aim this year is to try to run faster but without going back to hating running! (Wish me luck!) 

The stats 

If I’m going to run quicker then I need to have my markers in place. So what are the current stats…

ParkRun pb - 28:46
5k non event pb - 27:14
10k pb - 58:59 (why not try work on this too!)

The plan

I hadn’t run much towards the end of 2017 and didn’t feel I was anywhere near my pb time. So I decided to do a ParkRun to set a marker which I could work on improving before then setting my sights on my current pb. The end goal is it get a sub 25 minute 5k! (Which is scary for me to even say!)

My ParkRun time on 13 January 2018 was 29:21. 

I need to caveat this by saying I didn’t actually try as hard as maybe a should and found myself chatting to another runner next to me (I have a habit of doing this!) before realising I was meant to be setting a time and running on! So I was actually pretty chuffed with this time!

As I said, last time I started trying to run “fast” I ended up hating running. So I’m very conscious that I don’t want to go back there! 

The first step in my master plan is actually to get out there and run more (which is probably a good place to start!) My thoughts are that by running more and running further, this will probably help improve my speed (but I’m no expert and so could be wrong!) I don’t want to start clock watching though and so this could be an issue! But I definitely think I’m capable of more! 

If you've got any tips or hints - please feel free to pop a comment below!